Bankruptcy Leads

Bankruptcy Leads

Bankruptcy Leads are in real-time “Daily” and are exclusive to your firm by county. This means we do not sell each practice area and county to more than one firm. You will be getting the leads every day, M-F and you won’t be competing with other firms to see who will market the prospect first. You can take our information and use it in your own channels or you can utilize our Direct Mailer Software. Our Direct Mailer Software lets you create and save templates for your marketing letters and/or postcards. Simply turn on autopilot and as the leads come in, we will send out your mailers for you, daily. No more spending time looking up this information yourself or paying a paralegal or nephew to do this for you once a week. Simply secure your Practice Area(s) and Counties and take advantage of our daily service and let JQ Leads do all the work.

JQ Leads Filtering System and Criteria

We know what our partners are looking for and that’s why we supply the proper information and cross referencing to make each lead at the utmost highest quality. Combined with our Resources and Tools, puts our partners destined to growing their firm.

  • Date the Bankruptcy was filed
  • Practice Area
  • State & County where Bankruptcy was filed
  • Persons Name & Address
  • Persons Cell Phone Number & Email Address
  • Confirmation that Attorney has not been retained
  • Confirmation that Person is NOT at fault
  • Cell Phone number cross referenced with National Do Not Call List
  • Unlimited leads per Practice Area and County

**You will start receiving leads 48 hours after your purchase.

Disclaimer: Although our team tries our best, because of availability, we aren’t always able to find all of the information for each person.