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Why JQ Leads?

We’re not just a lead generator. We’re a Partner Seeking Solely to Maximize our Customers Experience and Returns Daily Exclusive Legal Leads.

Who are we?

Time and again, information has proven to be the number one key to growth and prosperity. At JQ Leads, our team of marketing professionals goes the extra mile to maximize returns on your investment, by providing your firm the most up to date, verified information available. Knowing the moment a potential client needs your service, and marketing that lead effectively, will drastically impact your bottom line, and that’s exactly what JQ Leads delivers to our customers.

What we do.

JQ Leads is a subscription based daily lead generation service, providing attorneys with exclusive leads per practice area and county sent directly to you. Our “Back Office” will keep you up to date and informed on every potential customer in your chosen practice area(s), and our state of the art Direct Mailer Software allows you the tools for an effective mail marketing campaign that’s completely hands off. Our site was designed for attorneys to be the most robust and efficient lead generation marketing tool on the planet. We know you and your firm are too busy handling cases and working with your clients, which is why our entire company is based with that in mind. We strive to make your life easier.

How it works.

Simply create an account by choosing your desired practice area(s) and counties of focus. Each practice area and county are billed monthly. After creating an account, you will be given access to your “Back Office”. Since leads are generated daily, every day our Research Team searches multiple websites, county courthouse records, public record notices, phone directories and many other sources to gather information and verify your leads contact information. The Back Office is where we send you all of your leads, but that doesn’t mean you have to visit the site every day. By adding funds to your account, and taking advantage of our Direct Mail Marketing option, you simply set up your custom mailer template, and JQ Leads will send your marketing material to your new leads as they become available. JQ Leads insures that you never have to run the risk of missing an opportunity to provide your services to the customers that need it.

See the
JQ Leads Difference ✔

Real Time
Our Leads are delivered to your Back Office “Daily”.

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Highest Quality
Our Research Team and Data Sources were created to be second to none.

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Exclusive Leads
Only one firm will receive each practice area in each county. Which means you won’t be competing with other firms trying to market and grow your business.

Daily Leads
Leads are available in your Back office Daily in real time as they happen. Be the first to market a lead.

JQ Leads
Fully Automated
To make your firm more efficient, all of the leads you receive can be imported to our Mailer Resource and we will send it out for you.

No Contracts
Our service is billed monthly and you can opt out whenever you like. Don’t forget that if you opt out and another firm signs up for your practice area and county, you will no longer be able to receive leads from us.

Convenient Payment
Easy monthly recurring payments via PayPal, Credit or Debit cards.

Best Lead Delivery Platform
The Back Office is packed with everything you need for marketing your leads for each practice area and county.

Multiple Practice Areas
Our Practice Areas are growing so if you don’t see yours now, stay tuned and I’m sure it will come.

Leads Filtered for Quality
Our Research Team and Data Sources provide the quality that your firm needs to get you the most accurate information available.

Most Robust Resources
We try to make your life easier by building and offering all of the ways to market your leads right in your Back Office.

Unlimited Leads per County
Since our leads are exclusive, you will receive all available leads that happen in your county no matter how many there are.

Customization & Simplification
Single point of contact for all of your marketing needs.

Reputation for Dependability and Responsive Service
Excellent track record of service, proven best practices for legal lead generation.

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